Just How Many Engines Does It Take To Become The World's Fastest Norton?


Hogslayer: The Unapproachable Legend is a documentary about a Norton drag bike designed and built by TC Christenson and John Gregory of Sunset Motors Racing Team, and raced by Christenson. Dubbed the Hogslayer it set a ton of track records, and of course had an appearance to match, featuring not one but two Norton twins. Together they commanded 1,620-ccs of displacement and offered more than 300 horsepower running on nitro fuel.

Those specs meant the Hogslayer was capable of mid-7s in the quarter, at over 180 mph, making it, and Christenson the fastest two-wheel duo on the ’70s scene. Christenson won the NHRA U.S. Nationals in 1972, the Top Fuel title in ’73, and set a bunch of records along the way. The documentary features interviews with Christenson and Gregory, as it details the inception, construction, and campaigning of the historic bike. The whole documentary is available to rent on YouTube, but for those on limited budgets the preview is pretty enthralling on its own. Check it out, and get slayed, right after the jump.


Source: YouTube

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