Just A Few Random Images From My Trip To FantasyLand

So, this olelongrooffan has previously shared that I spent a wonderful weekend with my daughter down in Naples, Florida a few weeks ago.  We spent the day on Saturday cruisin’ around checking out all things automotive.  At Dr. Johnny’s, “The Other Hospital on 4th Avenue” where we spotted that yellow LaSalle with the suicide doors, we also spotted this wrecked vert awaiting some body surgery by Dr. Johnny’s staff. Ironically, this was the newest vehicle I captured an image of and I didn’t even make a note of what it was.  My fellow Hoons can click through the jump to see some of the other things that fill my carcaine habits.

We spotted this sweet old Mercedes vert while cruising to lunch.  This olelongrooffan knows that I mentioned the Pontoon body style is one of my favorite body styles, but this one is just as sweet.  One of these with Euro style headlights and that big 4.5 V8 motor in it parked in front of my Taj Mahal would be a dream come true for this olelongrooffan.

One of the locations where I spotted one of Truly Nolen’s cars also contained a few of the ubiquitous vehicles of choice down there in FantasyLand.  And I’m not talking about Mr. Rong’s Miata on the left side of this image.

This 850 would be another vehicle this olelongrooffan would love to have in my livery.  That is until the first repair invoice comes due.  And no, I don’t know if this is an “i” or not.  And pop up headlights FTW.

Another body style by the those wily Germans this olelongrooffan loves.  That Pagonda body style certainly was  attractive in those years.

Back a few years, well it was closer to 20, this olelongrooffan drove one of these home in anticipation of its purchase.  Ironically, thejeepjunkie called me that evening and we were chatting it up and I mentioned this sweety ragtop.  He just about went through the roof and the upshot of it was that desirable automobile was returned to the seller the next morning.

Wait.  I like this body style Mercedes Benz the best.  Seems to be a repeating mantra for this olelongrooffan doesn’t it?

I just have this to say about that.  Anytime there is a pallet leaning up against the side of a vintage Cadillac ragtop, something is wrong with this world.

I captured this image through the closed back overhead door at the same location where that Maverick and the Pontoon were sighted.  At the lot just next door, there was a similar Benz ragtop sitting outside.  I am not sure what makes this one so special it gets to sleep inside.

And the last vehicles we spotted were the remains of this dubbed General Motors product and another highly desirable BMW in the same yard as the 40’s Cadillac ragtops awaiting restoration.

And yes, this olelongrooffan can’t wait to head back down that way.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan

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