Tracked. Articulated. All-terrain vehicle. Those three bits come together to form one hell of a Bandvagn. In this case specifically, it’s a 1978 Bolinder-Munktell Bandvagn 202. The Swedish military used these to, I don’t really know, be awesome and go everywhere? One is for sale on Bring-A-Trailer right now, and you should buy it because it’s amazing.

According to the auction listing, this particular truckentank was used to deliver supplies to remote locations during the winter. Despite having just a 2.0-liter Volvo engine for power, the front and rear tracks are enough to get the Bandvagn through anything mother nature throws its way. There’s a two-speed transfer case and a four-speed manual gearbox.

The front portion of the megadozer is the cab housing the controls and engine bits. Inside you’ll find a car-like cabin with traditional controls. Out back sits a cargo and transport unit. Two wooden benches offer a space to sit. This is enough room for 10 Swedes or eight of us robust Americans.

This would be a Mk2 202, which means that B20 engine cranks out just under 100 horsepower. Also, according to Wikipedia, it has less ground pressure than a skier (what?!) and it will float. Just when you thought it was cool, it gets a hell of a lot cooler.

While a Bandvagn 206 might be a bit more comfortable inside, the 202 is a bare bones tool that will get you where you need to be and back again. Even if you have to cross a bit of water to do so.

Right now, the high bid sits at just $5,800 but there are four days remaining in the auction.

[Source: Bring A Trailer]