Jon Olsson adds a top to his monster 850hp G500

For those of you unaware, Jon Olsson is an amazing skier. He’s done well on two planks, and now lives his best life. And he chronicles his adventures on his YouTube channel. Along the way, Olsson has seen some amazing vehicles flow in and out of his garage. Be they storage box-topped Lamborghinis or street-legal Radical race cars, Olsson is having a blast. One of my favorites in his fleet, however, is his Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4².

Dubbed Lord Hans, this jacked up G-Class has seen its fair share of modifications. It all started when the truck was transformed mechanically. The engine output was raised significantly, lots of aux lighting was added, and adventures were undertaken. A problem arose, however, as Olsson’s parking situations in and around his Monaco home weren’t conducive to accepting Lord Hans… so he chopped the roof off.

Teak decking was added. The interior was reworked. Olsson built himself a G500 Roadster, and it was spectacular. Now though, he’s come to realize that a top is a “nice to have” feature. So one has been created, and it looks fantastic on the truck. Say hello to the third iteration of Lord Hans.

The fun part of all this is that Olsson actually takes the thing out and gets it wet and dirty. This is his daily driver in a city filled with some of the most expensive machines on the planet. And this Benz truck stands above most of them, quite literally in fact.

In a world where most examples of the G-Class are condemned to a live on the pavement, Olsson should be celebrated for putting his to great use. He’s having fun and he’s taking Lord Hans out for good times.

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