Join The Full Size Wagon Club! $2500 Entry Fee Gets you 410c.i. and 444lb-ft!

1967 Mercury Colony Park Station Wagon for sale You know what motor probably doesn’t need more torque? A hi-po Ford 390FE from the late 60s. Apparently no one told Mercury, because in their never-ending quest to be just a little different from Ford, they dropped the crank from a 428 into one, resulting in the Marauder 410, which has a torque curve (and weight!) on par with a typical diesel. Purchase this ’67 Mercury Colony Park wagon and stump pulling can be fun for the whole family! 1967 Mercury Colony Park Station Wagon for saleSure, the FE was the basis for the 427 (that’s actually 425c.i., by the way) that ended up in many track monster, but the differences between the side-oilers from the track and the workaday lumps that found their way into many a full-sizer are as vast as the way-back of this long roof. That said, the serious low-end offered by the 410 stroker ought to make for some great around-town driving, regardless of how many rugrats (or BMW engines) are on board. 1967 Mercury Colony Park Station Wagon for saleThis example’s in typical SoCal shape: rough but not rusty exterior, mostly clean interior, runs pretty well. Throw on some air shocks and a heavy-duty tranny cooler and it could be quite the bitchin’ tow rig. A charming note on the wood side paneling: in an effort to spruce up the faded vinyl, Grandpa hit it with a coat of wood varnish. Oh, Gramps… $2500 buy it now on eBay with 1 day left.

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