Jessi Combs was chasing land-speed glory when she met her untimely demise back on August 27, 2019. Combs was piloting the North American Eagle Supersonic Speed Challenger land-speed record car. It’s jet powered and fast as hell. And now Jessi Combs is officially fast as hell, as Guinness as recognized her runs to give her the title of Fastest Woman on Earth.

Before the crash, Combs completed two runs. The Alvord Desert in Oregon is where Jessi pushed the limits of what her car could do. She recorded runs of 515.346 mph and 531.889 mph, which averages to 522.783 mph. That bests the previous record of 512.7 mph which Kitty O’Neil set back in 1976.

Jessi Combs was always a wonderful badass. She was kind, funny, and excelled at everything she tried to do. And now, even in death, she’s still climbing to the tops of mountains and showing the world just how much ass she enjoyed kicking.

[Source: Motor Authority and Road & Track]