Jeepy Showdown: 1942 Willys vs 1946 Willys

What we have here is a failure to communicate are two very different, yet similar vehicles. They are obviously both Jeeps (I use this term descriptively), but one is a World War 2 hero, whereas the other forecasts the shape of things to come for the next decades. Both were manufactured in the 1940s and both are currently for sale in the Seattle area for a little over three thousand dollars. 

[Thanks for the tip Marcal, again!]

First up is the 1942 Kaiser Willys. From the ad:

Willy’s jeep 1942. Has original 4 cyl. engine that purrs and doesn’t smoke. I’ve yet to see anther like this one, it is two seat with a pickup box behind. On the front bumper is an engine driven capstan winch, go online to “willy’s capstan winch kit” and you will see that this item alone sells for $3250.00 plus shipping. Also comes with an aluminum bolt on roof with two aluminum doors and an A-frame that bolts to the front bumper for pulling stumps and whatever. If interested email me through Craigslist and we can exchange phone numbers. You won’t find another like this one.

No info on the condition of the body or the frame, which judging from the pictures has seen better days. The fact that it is a pickup is quite interesting, but sadly there are no pictures of it from the rear. Picture of the engine looks pretty.


Next up is the 1946 Willys CJ2A. From the ad:

Willys CJ2A Jeep 1946

2300 Ford Motor with electronic ignition

Factory rebuilt Holly carb and new fuel pump

Fuel tank cleaned and sealed

4 speed transmission with high range low range in 2WD or 4WD plus over drive

Tilt steering column from 1984 Camaro

Saginaw steering box for easy turns

Honda Accord seats

$3100 obo

Not as original as the above Willys, but the improvements seem justified – it wasn’t going to win any Concours events anyway. Again, no word on rust but there is some clearly visible. I guess it does not come with a top either. While overall it looks better than the other one, that’s not saying much.

So, which one of these flat-fendered beauties do you pick for your $3000-ish?

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