Jason Cammisa and Randy Pobst review the new Shelby GT500

Jason Cammisa, ex-Head to Head host and, as his viewers remind him, Adam Sandler-lookalike, is now creating videos for vehicle acquisition company ISSIMI. Their latest of such installments delves into the long history of two icons: Shelby, and the Mustang. It all ties together with the 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.

I wouldn’t be sharing this video if I didn’t think it was worth the twenty-one minutes. In it Cammisa and co brief us on misconceptions of the ‘Stang and Shelby himself, in turn teaching us the real story of both nameplates. Also touched on is what the GT500 meant to the brand from the beginning. From there the story is primarily about the all-new GT500. Special points are awarded for the bonus appearances in form of a Hellcat, 911 GT3RS, and 812 Superfast.

Then they throw in Randy Pobst. In case you haven’t seen a or read a Motor Trend production, Pobst is a world-class racing driver who sets lap times for the outlet.  He also happens to be as entertaining on camera as any other pro ‘shoe this side of Chris Harris. Pobst’s insight let us into just how well the GT500 fares dynamically on its own merits. He also does us the service of comparing it directly to the aforementioned German that would seemingly never be its competition.

While ISSIMI’s Stratos review was thoroughly impressive, this video is downright excellent. It has Top Gear levels of cinematographic quality, content, and wit. If they keep performing at this level, ISSIMI will soon be a stalwart of the automotive videography world. Well freakin’ done, to the ISSIMI crew and to the GT500.

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  1. Christopher Tracy Avatar
    Christopher Tracy

    Randy called Jason a fat ass.

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