Japanese Soft-Roader Weekend Edition: Toyota Starlet Remix

starletremix Japan is home to some very interesting developments of initially uninteresting cars. The Toyota Starlet is one such example, as it’s a honest, humdrum hatchback with no real styling effort seemingly undertaken at any point, except for the unapologetically jazzy seat trim. But give it seriously heavy-looking body cladding and available four-wheel-drive, and the car is transformed into a camping-themed soft roader in an instant. starletremix2 The Remix is so 1990s I should be writing this on a CRT monitor and a 56k modem at best. starletremix3 Inside, there are sport seats and shiny yellow switchgear, without forgetting the automatic transmission as so often brandished in Japanese promotional material. These are city cars, and they rarely need a 5-speed shifter on the home market. Over here, I don’t think the Starlet was even available with A/T. starlet4 “I love camping”, declares the spare wheel cover. The Starlet in non-sporty guise was available with two flavours of 1.3-litre engines, and the Glanza turbo version had roughly 50-60 horsepower more than the base units. Toyota_Starlet_Remix_001 Toyota_Starlet_Remix_002 Still, the Remix sold – at least this particular car was shot by Wikimedia user Tennen-Gas.

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2 responses to “Japanese Soft-Roader Weekend Edition: Toyota Starlet Remix”

  1. Datsun Avatar

    This is my starlet remix .photo is from article from when previous owner owned it

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