Japanese Soft-Roader Weekend Edition: Suzuki X-90

suzuki_x90_2 The previous cars posted in the Weekend Edition series have been wagons or hatchbacks, with the bodyshell a multi-purpose one despite the oftentimes jolly plastic dress-up or choice of colour. The Suzuki X-90 is something else, a small two-door SUV with a saloon-like trunk and a T-top. It’s definitely weird, despite being based on Vitara / Geo Tracker mechanicals. suzuki_x-90_uk-spec_1 Just how ’90s is this press shot? Despite there being no snow in sight, the X-90 has skis on its roof rack. The sole engine choice was the usual 1.6-litre 16-valve engine with a little less than 100hp. The X-90 only survived for a couple model years, from 1995 to 1997, making it relatively rare. They might have found the most success shilling for Red Bull with a giant can strapped to the back. suzuki_x-90 The interior was regular ’90s Suzuki fare, with seat graphics the only bright spot. But that’s how they all were back in the day. A splash of colour on the vents would have tied it to the decade even more. suzuki_x-90_us-spec_2 Look at the seat bolsters! suzuki_x-90_us-spec_1 As a happy ending of sorts, the X-90 seems to have finally found some snow.

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