Japanese Cars Living and Dying in Poland – Part 3

0 hooniverse lead japanese living poland Going back to the communist times, the few cars that were available to the people of Poland were of Eastern Bloc production: Polish Fiats, Ladas, Skodas, Wartburgs, and many others that we have covered here before. They had a few traits in common, specifically that all were poorly made, were very small, inefficient, and frequently unreliable. But most Japanese cars were the exact opposite of that, with a bonus of a reasonable price. Buying a Japanese car in communist Poland was not an easy task, but once the Wall came down, the flood-gates of car importation have opened. This is our third, and last, time looking at what older Japanese cars are currently living and dying in Poland. As always, all pictures have been provided by the faithful readers of zlomnik.pl (thank you), a page which has since undergone a complete makeover. Grab a beverage and enjoy! 2li1512 I’d rip out the front seats and drive from the back seat. Let’s see someone try to run to my window in a midst of road-rage! 031434_zps29a83cf1 These always looked weird to me, as if two different people designed the front half and the rear half, and then just welded them in the middle. apr1507_zpso3byrfky Look how angry that BMW behind is!! Why is it so angry!? What has that little… uhmm… whatever it is, done to it? apr1512_zpsuauwb6yb I always thought that front-end seemed a little heavy, droopy, sad. Like Eeyore from Winnie-the-Pooh. apr1516_zpsettqvu8z Mad tuning potential, y0! Oh wait, that’s not a Toyota. Never mind. apr1525_zps5lxdwv6r They straight up copied Zil! apr2158_zpskprisq5h Those were so cool. And so was the first Previa, so spaceship-y. apr21512_zpsmjzfevg5 Lets take a quick break and remember the other posts in this series:

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apr21545_zpssgtvtfru Those hubcaps! So moon-y! aug1507_zpszaadet2c aug1529_zps8kf4cofz A good friend of mine had one like that, turbo 5-spd, in college. Such a cool car. czer1505_zpsqalgkdh9 Look how big that MINI looks next to it. czer1507_zps0tdkneoq Mint-y! czer1530_zpsaf1b0ygy That rear window must offer some amazing visibility. Still, very cool and I guess rare? czer21516_zps2c0ccles OMG OMG….. Must… Import… and… Put… In… Bubble. I wonder what the country of origin was. I don’t think Integras with that front-end ever came in the left-hand-drive variant. czer21539_zpso9zjrywo czer21549_zps2jn0r6tq Do you just want to hug it? dwamaj10_zps1gg1abs6 World needs more 4WD minivwans. With forward controls. dwamaj25_zpslinjcar7 dwamaj34_zpsamivyx2b C’mon, you know they were cool in 1992. dwamaj46_zpsykbpv5ua dwamaj47_zpsydegekjo dwamaj58_zpsalc47aws even20_zps5aace576 My Zlomink friend tells me that all Land Cruier-ish Toyotas are very pricey in Poland, especially the older ones. gru21419_zpsbed3c61a A see a lot of western car influences in this. gru21422_zpsadd825f9 Hmm, those are not Polish license plates. gru21438_zpse05f3324 gru21449_zpsaf77872c grud1425_zpsa88a2576 lip1511_zpsifkdw2mq lip1552_zpsyi0nmvvq What? That pile of junk? lst12_zpshwdrmpgg More furious. lst28_zpsquxv08v1 Sedans-turned-two-door-hatchbacks… Encyclopedia Hoonatica topic? lst40_zpsxvernzw6 I guess those came in different wheelbase lengths, but still 2-doors? maj1517_zpsw2xxwsbp maj1532_zps1i70bnd9 maj1546_zpsw32prqtp mazda 626 mik11557_zpsjizcbpbh miklu01_zpsvls3s0fz miklu03_zpsqzv5apn7 miklu37_zpslibtecep miklu42_zpsg4yj70na I don’t think that’s a factory bumper. miklu46_zpseczzqboe mikly21_zpsxokdyggz Those veedubs tho! mikmar01_zpsokxugrbb mikmar05_zpsgsng6pkf mikmar07_zpsbek5pbex mikmar26_zpsqbokmtq6 Type R! mikmar41_zpsiqyu0ctd These things are dying all over the world. mikmar49_zps6hyxd2u9 Nissan used to give us the Pulsar. Now we have the Juke. Ugh. mikmar54_zps4ypxcmll mikmar203_zpsxyqeabtz mikmar218_zpse9njyhsm mikmar229_zpsskakgxgz mikmar235_zpse1pgl35i Suzuki GX100 What is this? Is is even Japanese? Toyotę Lite Ace 1979 The end!

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