Jaguar F-Type SVR on track at the Coronado Speed Festival

When Jaguar asks if you want to take the F-Type SVR for a spin, you say yes. Even if its for a brief stint, you still say yes. That’s what we did when the automaker invited us down to San Diego to sample the high-speed kitty.
Even more fun? We did so on the airstrip track laid out for the Coronado Speed Festival.

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One response to “Jaguar F-Type SVR on track at the Coronado Speed Festival”

  1. Maymar Avatar

    I got to take an F-Type R for a quick spin in a parking lot this past summer, and fully agreed – it’s a loutish car, a 370Z in a nice suit, but if you’re not chasing milliseconds on a lap time, it’s ridiculously fun (sadly, it looks like they haven’t started depreciating too much yet).
    I’d want to try daily driving one though, I’m curious if the Sturm und Drang would get tiring, or if you can find the right combination of settings to make it reasonably civilized.