It's Snowmowagon!

Do you live in the extreme north and regularly find yourself snowed-in with an extreme case of cabin fever.  Have a little RWD car that just doesn’t get around good in the snow?  Hooniverse has the solution! Ok, so it does look a little goofy and a lot redneck-y but seeing the thing in action makes up for it.  It looks hella fun! [youtube][/youtube] It appears to be some sort of kit you can buy and mount your RWD car to.  That’s about all I know as I could find very little information since the creators site is in Russian and clicking the English link reveals a phone number and a single mysterious sentence: Equipment for transforming an ordinary car to cool snowmobile or SnowFootCar during 1 hour.  It appears to be nothing more than a trailer frame with a ski and super-large tires.  Simplicity FTW! Source:  englishrussia

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