It's A Jeep Thang

Out at that car show last weekend there were a bunch of vehicles my brother, thejeepjunkie, totally lusts after.  You can see them should you choose to follow this olelongrooffan past the jump.

Although this is technically not a Jeep, it is close enough to be included in this post. One of my older brothers, the Bus-Plunge, used to own one just like it. Another example of “Why did I sell that car?” ensues every time we speak about it.

One thing I had not previously noticed was the difference in the grilles on these old Jeeps. Both are flat fenders but the one in the foreground has more “slats” than the one in the rear. Note the street rod in the background. I told my fellow Hoons this was an awesome show.

Last year while I was attending this show, I saw the parade of these vehicles as they were leaving.  A super old man was behind the wheel of the command car and he drove it like a master.

There were also a contingent of new Jeeps from the local Jeep club. Yeah, I lust after that one on the left while thejeepjunkie still prefers the CJ to the right.

However, we both agree this one is super Hoonilustworthy. To bad the sticker on it is $31,000.00.

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