Italy Week: Super Facebook Mega-Gallery Madness!

Mercifully, no PT Cruisers in this album.
So the kids these days are all on this “face book” thing, which (if you’re to believe the local news) must be a hotbed of “sexting” and that foul hip-hop music. It’s also a good place to look at some cars. Here is the Facebook mega-gallery to all the interesting cars and motorcycles that slipped through the cracks. Put on some Matt Monroe, pour yourself some Tuaca in a highball glass, slip on your Wayfarers and don’t pretend that you’ve got anything better to do on a Friday before you clock out of work. (Maybe save the Tuaca for when you get home first.) And while you’re wasting record amounts of productivity, look up Hooniverse on Facebook and Twitter and be our friends! It won’t be like that time in high school when you tried to ask Michelle Gerber to dance with you at Homecoming (that you didn’t want to go to, anyway, but your friends were gonna go blaze behind the band storage room afterwards, even though Steve’s mom was chaperoning that night and she would have taken away his Playstation 2 for a month and a half and he just got Grand Theft Auto 3, dammit) and she laughed so hard trying to say “NO!” that she fell into a coughing fit and her face turned into the color of a grapefruit. No, we’ll actually be your friends. We swear. Cross our hearts and hope to die. [Image source: Lamebook]

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