Italian Cars Living and Dying in Poland

italian cars poland Let’s start of with some sad news:, the Polish website that I have come to love, the website that I blatantly stole all these pictures from over the years, is no more. I talked to the man behind the site, the only Polish auto journalist I know, and he basically said that he was done with the site, that he has written everything he wanted to write on it. I certainly understand him, and I also understand that it probably took him a significant amount of time to run and maintain the site, along with some FB pages. He has decided to run a different site, one that deals strictly with obscure and/or interesting cars. Personally, I see where he is coming from. But there is good news! In my years reading that website I managed to steal enough pictures from it for a few more “Living and Dying in Poland” articles that at least a dozen of you love so much. Today we once again check out the Italian cars that are living and dying there. Funny thing about Italian cars, while they were made under license in Poland, very few were actually sold there, so a vast majority of the cars seen here was likely privately imported. Grab a beverage and enjoy! 1fot05_zps3be8a1d8 You’d think that with car this small he or she would be able to park in the middle of the spot. 2li1541 Dead. It was dying when it left the factory. 2sep1438_zpsd22c1c1c 131 Mirafiori. One of my favorite Fiats. Supposedly this with a 2-liter engine was a complete hoot. 2sep1442_zps2d0143f8 Uno, dos, tres, you’re out! 2sep1444_zps5f22db18 The world needs more panel wagons . Did you know that the Panda had a live rear axle? 2sep1445_zps06028164 Saancia. 2sep1454_zpsa79ff3e7 Deancia. 41432_zps52b4e82a So vanning was a world-wide phenomenon? 714217_zps027a0c5f The world needs more car-base recreational vehicles. That thing looks very roomy and I’m confident that the sides slide out for even more space. 714227_zps4ee40ac4 Note to self: drive a vehicle with forward controls. 714231_zps265d2aef They say that this a national treasure in Italy. I’m sure that whoever owns these plans on restoring them and selling for a huge profit. And I’m sure that he or she will do exactly that and totally not let them rut for years. 714257_zps7ed0ccca Beautiful. See an great commercial for this car right here. 2414011_zps7a70bd6b He’s not James May, he’s James May’s Polish cousin. 2414041_zpsb8c0cd7c Fiat Abarth 131 was a successful rally car, driven by Walter Röhrl, who in 1980 won the drivers’ World Rally Championship in it. 2414048_zpsaf1e4934 Like the Mini and the MINI, the thinking here was “let’s not make a bigger car, let’s make the small car bigger” 2414073_zps37440ba9 There should be more cars with headlight wipers. apr1514_zpsvs3g1fod Before Fiats got ugly. as02_zpsbb47d6 Fiat 130 Coupe. What a handsome coupe, might be Fiat’s biggest vehicle. Had a V6 engine. Less than 5000 made. as02_zpsbb47ddf2

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as09_zps3c6c1909 These look the same all over the world. aug1404_zps491c2c6a aug1422_zpsf1df35c8 Geek. aug1454_zps86d44b88 Doubtful, but are the rear and side doors the same? Nice condition. aug1505_zpsrn5xaoj3 Another one…   bulg19_zps2831894e The owner will restore any day now. bulg25_zps31b508ba I’ve seen a lot of these vehicles for handicapped people when I was a kid. bulg27_zps63a88fcf Apparently you can buy these new in the United States. bulg44_zpsf6676826 I forgot what this is called… anyone? bzika03_zps791923e0 Some Fiat – anyone? bzika07_zpsdcef94d3 Anyone? czer1509_zps8mkzbdk8 Is this a camera vehicle? czer1533_zpss3xzxkvj Ritmo! It will be restored, of course. czer1534_zps75iqa3ns Ritmo again! This vehicle had a lot of interesting styling features – round door handles (good Encyclopedia Hoonatica topic!), taillights in bumper, and headlights surrounded by the hood and the bumper. czer21501_zpsugeundvp 131 Beauty! czer21519_zpsnnuvjzgw czer21537_zpsxp6iddbi Ritmo and its taillights. czer21544_zpsyfnrqx5e The world needs more handsome hatchbacks. czer21556_zpssyhrfrrn This one seems to be more alive. czer21564_zpsugjvj2qr The world needs more cars that look like hatchbacks but aren’t. dwamaj29_zpsa1u6kwai That Ford is a decent looking car, will age well. dwamaj50_zpsuigafhdb Alfa Romeo Alfasud. I had an exactly the same 1:43 scaled car when I was a kid. Hmm, perhaps my three year old son needs to start a collection of 1:43 cars? In addition to Matchboxes and Bruders. My wife will love that idea. Fiat 238 10/10, would drive around Amalfi Coast. fiat 900 Fiat 126 had the same taillights. And probably many other parts. fiat regata Fiat Regata, a replacement for the 131. When I was a kid our neighbor got one of those with a diesel, of course. On really cold winter nights, when it was like -20C, they would idle the engine most of the night because they knew it sure as hell wouldn’t start in the morning otherwise. fnd08_zps77469841 What’s that? fnd29_zps3466b372 Love those wheels. fnd39_zpsbe194a98 Remove hatch, add barn doors, get Panda Van. Apparently this is a van and not a bus. gnd15_zpsfee16cb8 Not so special anymore. gnd16_zps3515980a Burn it. grud1402_zpsa6c6cd4a holz06_zpscf41f029 I love simple designs that are beautiful. holz09_zps275663ba They call them ‘bus” in Poland, not van. And they call a bus, an autobus. holz15_zps71e47516 Park that in front your repair shop. Potential customers will know that if you can work on that, you can fix anything. inco94_zps6d2daf50 Sweet, just needs TLC. Owner probably got a Civic and just ditched it. inco99_zps6aa47a00 It’s rather ugly without the Integrale treatment. k14 The ugly days of Fiat. k51 The handsome days of Fiat. liks31_zpsb578eb29 127, another Fiat where the hood surrounds the headlights. I like it. liks33_zps00430fd7 lismiks01_zps16729920 lismiks27_zpsc4ecfd48 lismiks29_zps4eea2bd4 lismiks38_zpsc79b7b17 Probably more higher load capacity than the Raptor. lodz44_zpsc8e6a2fe What is this again? lst04_zps7c6jzw4r Bella… lst19_zpst8ohbses Yes… lst20_zps2snkh7xf Square and handsome. It’s all about proportions. lst22_zpsphmhcvmk Top Gear did it so it must work, right? lst26_zpsxoukcydo Polish redneck. luty12_zps625af17a Like old BMWs, the grill is tilted forward in an almost anti-aerodynamic way. The world needs more anti-aerodynamic cars. luty21_zpsab591c90 10/10, would attempt to drive it from Italy to Greece. luty46_zpsc3446cf0 Ugh… No. luty52_zps0e259e9d Two for the price of one. m71426_zps46186088 132, the large Fiat sedan. m71441_zps9007f1af maj1425_zps41f16f80 Love those door handles. maj1439_zps78e697ac maj1446_zps8fef5449 Ugh. No. maj1460_zpse8e10780 Ritmo and its headlights. maj1533_zpssl83chvv mar01_zpsd5711e47 mar10_zpsb43a3bf0 Can’t find the right part? Improvise. mik11553_zpsmnv0jcwk miklu36_zpsll6phjmo miklu41_zps43hxijzx Panda Van, meet Panda Pickup. mikly22_zpsxh822mi3 mikly33_zpsetos9bgr Updated Ritmo. Uglier Ritmo. They took all the good parts off it! mikly47_zpstksk8jmq mikmar223_zpsjaasjy0g mikmar225_zpspj8fqyba oct14_05_zps6963e6e8 oct14_41_zps00222b75 oct142_35_zps65488a36 oct142_57_zps672aaa21 oct142_77_zps8949b398 ??? odwr50_zpsf9b2019f ost42_zps5a9116f1 Updated 127. Uglier 127. They took all the good parts off it! Piaggio Porter Piaggio Porter, alse seen a few pictures above. Looks kind of Japanese. pm620_zpsdf12b47e pm660_zps6203a169 pol241_zpsdd763485 polski04_zpsad9cf17a polski11_zpsc9e7e269 Must be a test mule. ponie02_zps25c25754 ponie49_zpsc5a0b67b It’s a pretty car. sep1409_zpsd3e6388a sep1415_zps377685c4 Beat to shit and street parked. I don’t even… sep1458_zpsd4f62069 Fiat 132, early years. sep1461_zpscfc9775a I had one in Gran Turismo! sier1428_zpsb0af2815 spa23_zps6aaa2e20 styczen1464_zps866f5e6b A wagon and a pickup! syzyf39_zps6a9214b0 tar_14_zps643fb899 All these cannot die soon enough…  

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