Italian cars living and dying in Poland

Italian cars in poland
Several weeks ago we started another series of various interesting and/or obscure cars that living and dying in Poland. The theme was the Cars of Axis Powers and thus far we have covered West German cars (needed to split up Germany – insert your own joke) and Japanese cars. Today we look at the third member of that group of unified countries, the Italian cars.
Like all countries that fell under the western control after the war, Italy’s economy recovered much better than anything in the Eastern Bloc. History shows that the Italian cars were usually very pretty but it also shows that were not always best made. That perception did not always exists, and even if it did people still bought the cars because love is blind. Case and point, Ferrari sales of present day, or any other Italian car. Therefore, today we will see more Italian cars dying in Poland, than running, which is a complete opposite of last week’s Japanese herd.
As always, all image are courtesy of and its awesome readers. Some of the pictures may have been taken outside of Poland. Enjoy.
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My question is – what car was this picture taken from?


Fastest Panda in the world!



More cars should have square taillights which consist of smaller squares.


Round door handles. Interesting look, probably not awesomely ergonomic.


Italian tow truck, shockingly, needs a tow truck.

This rig, with an Alfa Spider in the back, would win shows (of some kind) in the U.S.


Another Ritmo, or Strada as they were known here. I think.





I guess these were more desirable, more luxurious, and, gulp, better made than, the Polish 125p.


Not sure what model this is. Pic not taken in Poland.



Don’t know what that is.


Seat! Spanish Seats were rebadged Fiats before they became rebadged Volkswagens.


What’s that next to it?


There was a time where all fog-lights looked like were made by one company, and were add-ons on all cars.


Home for your home.



I wonder if anyone ever put an MR2 engine in one of those.


Not sure who makes this or what it is, pretty sure it’s Italian.



Lancia… they look the same all over the world.




This is, actually, a museum piece.


Because Rally Car!  pl12_zps491a5358



The interior must be amazing, too, but if it’s anything like the house my father-in-law built, anyone over six feet tall will be bumping their heads.


Two for the price of one.


Custom paint, custom wheels, stanced. Almost.


2014 Jeep Cherokee.

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24 responses to “Italian cars living and dying in Poland”

  1. dukeisduke Avatar

    Wow, so much to cover. The "Lancia" behind the iron fence is actually a second-gen Maserati Quattroporte. And yes I dig 128s and 131s. The yellow thing with the red hatch and the rust repair looks like a 128 3P. As for "Not sure what model this is. Pic not taken in Poland.", isn't that an 850? And the 2014 Cherokee? It's even uglier than the Multipla.

    1. Kamil_K Avatar

      AAAHHH!!! I saw a Maserati. I was thinking Maserati… and I wrote Lancia.

      1. Sjalabais Avatar

        Haha, the public will never forget… =8^) Lots of pictures from outside of Poland, but I guess finding surviving Italian machinery is quite a challenge anywhere.

      2. dukeisduke Avatar

        LOL! No problem, dude.

    2. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

      I reckon it's a 430, not a QP, it doesn't quite seem wide enough. But hey, what do I know. I don't even own a Maserati yet. Pathetic, really.

      1. dukeisduke Avatar

        It might be; it looks a little small for a QP.

  2. Felis_Concolor Avatar

    While I'm only familiar with a few exterior shots and the dashboard layout, I'm guessing the 2nd from top photograph was taken from within Fiat's Multipla, which is rapidly becoming something I'd love to own as weird styling is far more fun to drive around in.

  3. john365 Avatar

    2nd picture was made from a Multipla.
    <img src="; width="700">
    "This rig, with an Alfa Spider in the back, would win shows (of some kind) in the U.S."
    I prefer something like this:
    <img src="; width="700">
    "Don’t know what that is."
    That's a freaking Maserati 3500 GT.
    "What’s that next to it?"
    If you mean the blue one, that's a Fiat Uno based Fiorino.
    "Not sure who makes this or what it is, pretty sure it’s Italian."
    Fiat 241
    "2014 Jeep Cherokee."
    I almost fell off my chair laughing

    1. Kamil_K Avatar

      1. Good eye.
      2. We must go to different shows, tomorrow I'll show you what I had in mind.
      3. Too fancy for me to know.
      4. No, the silver thing.
      5. Thanks! At least I got the Italian part right.
      6. What, am I wrong on that one, too?

      1. john365 Avatar

        1. I actually never saw before the interior of a Multipla, but when i saw those door handles i know they were from something weird, like… a multipla, for example.
        4. Difficult to say from that angle… are you sure it's italian? To me it looks like an old Renault Kangoo.

        1. Kamil_K Avatar

          1. Me too.
          4. No idea….

    2. Sjalabais Avatar

      I have to remember that 3500 GT nametag in case I win a lottery I didn't participate in. That's a design with presence! Also without a roof. Since it's Italian, it might just make a nice polished statue in the driveway.
      <img src="; width="600">

    3. Kamil_K Avatar

      Also, Fiat Multipla is the answer to the following question:
      "What front-wheel-drive car came with a manual transmission and three seats in the front?"

      1. dukeisduke Avatar

        I'd be constantly elbowing the person in the center seat, when shifting. Fail.

      2. duurtlang_ Avatar

        What about this vehicle you posted then? If I recall correctly this had 3 seats in front, and a 5 (!) on the tree manual.
        <img src="; width="600">
        I couldn't find a good picture or video, but here is an annoying yet excited lady using one: <a href="” target=”_blank”>

        1. Kamil_K Avatar

          Is it FWD?Is it a car?I don't know those answers. You maybe right.Sent from my iPhone

          1. duurtlang_ Avatar

            FWD? Yes, or AWD. Car, probably not.

      3. HSA Avatar

        Not the answer but an answer. There are others, like Honda FR-V. (Edit: or did you mean manual only? FR-V seems to have been available with automatic, too).

    4. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

      "That's a freaking Maserati 3500 GT."
      I recognised it instantly and subconsciously – I saw the roofline and my jaw dropped; I had to look at it for a second to be sure my instincts were correct.
      Definitely one of my if-I-win-the-lottery cars… make mine burgundy.

    5. salguod Avatar

      Blue dash & doors, purple seats, manual trans sticking vertically out of the dash and 2 rows of 3 individual buckets?
      I want one.

  4. muthalovin Avatar

    So much funk. I love it.

  5. 124 rocks Avatar
    124 rocks

    because FIAT

  6. quijoteMike Avatar

    The red kombi van in a side street is a FIAT 238. Nice things. Common in Italy but no so much elsewhere in Europe_

  7. Van_Sarockin Avatar

    I've never felt the need to visit Poland. Until now.

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