It Was Fun Meeting A Fellow Hoon

Be prepared Hoons, I spent all day yesterday on the road (slow and go through Orlando, Florida sucks!!) and crashed to sleep around 8pm on New Year’s Eve 2011. As a result this olelongrooffan missed the whole Atomic Toasters link but is in a position to Celebrate Life this New Year’s Day with a cold blue Skye. Hope ya’ll enjoy the Ramblings.
This olelongrooffan has been trying to figure out the way I wanted to end 2010 here in the Hooniverse. I had a hell of a time deciding which car to nominate for the Hooniverse Car of The Year (ultimately I didn’t) and had thought about doing a compilation of my favorite posts over the past year but the esteemed Mr. Brennan has, as usual, stepped up to provide his and the bulk of them are the same ones I like.
So, I thought I would share with my fellow Hoons a few hours this olelongrooffan spent with a fellow Hoon this past Truck Thursday.

Now if my fellow Hoons have been following my ramblings, you know that I live in the Birthplace of Speed here on the right coast of these Great United States of America. As I have noted in a couple different posts, one of the blogs this olelongrooffan follows is TamerlanesThoughts. Well, a couple months ago Kashgar, the author of that blog emanating from the greater San Francisco, California area, revealed to me that he would be in the greater Naples, Florida area over this Holiday season and if I was in the area he would enjoy getting together for lunch and a get to know ya kind of experience.
As I was planning to be down in extreme Southwest Florida to see my daughter for the Holidays I responded “Hell Yeah”. I mean would you pass up a chance to meet a respected blogger from across the continent. If not so, wake up!
Well Hoons, I spent the bulk of the week trying to figure out an appropriate lunch spot to meet up with kashgar. After all, the island he was vacationing on is full of the requisite touristy waterfront seafood joints and this olelongrooffan wanted to treat him to something different and, of course, less costly. It took me awhile to determine the spot and I ultimately decided on Spanky’s Speakeasy (sorry no website) and it was there the above image was captured. Spanky’s is an Americana type joint filled with automobilia junk, as well as just old antiques….the salad bar, unvisited by both kashgar and this olelongroofan, was an old Model ‘T’ truck. Not only that but the owner of that establishment owns a Dupont.
While kashgar was enjoying his whitefish sammich and this olelongrooffan pleasured my “cooked through” burger, conversation varied between his month long visit to South America!! and this olelongrooffan’s experience with the automobiles that seem to summarize my life. Kashgar was even curious as to how my dad, TheGentleManFarmer became a carguy. I admitted I did not have an answer but looked forward to asking my Dad that question one day, but hopefully not to soon!
Regrettably, our lunch ended way to soon and kashgar and this olelongrooffan were enjoying each other’s company to much for this experience to end. (Disclaimer here…thanks for lunch kashgar)
I asked his plans for the remainder of the afternoon and he responded that he was free for the next few hours. I noted that I had seen a pretty cool repair shop nearby and was he interested in checking it out.
In typical Hoon Fashion his response was in the affirmative.
And we did.
So we jumped into his grandfather-in-law’s condo car Chrysler minivan and headed over to the location that housed the F1 Imports and Exotics Service Center.

Well, my fellow Hoons, we swung at the fence and went way beyond it with our first swing. The above image is of a license plate in the rear window of a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTE. Yeah….and if you can make out the print at the bottom of it, it says ‘Prison Made’

And I must share with my fellow Hoons, it is a beautiful piece of sculpture.

As we looked around the parking lot of this facility we continued to be overwhelmed.

It seemed that every turn revealed yet another automotive beauty and we revelled in its presense.

I cannnot begin to desribe every car we saw that Thursday but I can tell you every one was sweet.

So, what do ya think my fellow Hoons, anything you might be interested in seeing more of?

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  1. citroen67 Avatar

    I'm doing my best to pick my jaw up off the floor! I love how uber-basic that Ferrari cockpit is. Gated shifters are really the only thing an interior needs anyway. 🙂

    1. longrooffan Avatar

      Hey where you been? Missed seeing you around these here parts.

      1. citroen67 Avatar

        Been working a ton, lately. Plus I have been working on my F-150 project truck(aka "The F-word project"), and chasing parts for my Lada. But now I should be back in the swing of things. Work has slowed to a palatable level, so my Internet time has increased. Don't worry, I have still caught most of your wonderful write-ups! Even if I didn't have time to share my thoughts…I still can't be kept from reading up on my favorite car site! 🙂

  2. sudden1 Avatar

    To answer the question, I really, really, want to see more of all of these. Or anything else related to this place. Naples, Sanibel Circle, area around there, yeah kinda figures; all but the hot rod F355. Must be new money…Anyway, what a great way to start my New Year. Thanks!

  3. Lotte Avatar

    That state-shaped Montana plate reminds me of this:
    <img src="; width="300">
    What a fancy snowbird car! And Olelongrooffan, you just keep ramblin' and I'll keep a'readin!

    1. Mr_Biggles Avatar

      I remember meeting a guy from the NWT once. He told me that if you were smart, you carried spare plates with you whenever you drove down into the rest of the country because people were always swiping them.

  4. CJinSD Avatar

    The 1955 Chrysler Newport butchery makes me sad.

  5. FЯeeMan Avatar

    My vote is to see more of whatever it is that your camera contains!