I love to look at project cars online. However, I am discouraged continuously because of the difficulty of getting the car home. I don’t own a car trailer, but I have spent time looking for one. I have never considered a Motorhome to solve my transporting issues.

This 1975 GMC Motorhome has been converted into a car hauler. Any passerby will have no idea that you have a vehicle stored inside. The GMC has undergone quite the conversion. The interior of the Motorhome was stripped out. The rear axles were widened to take the wheel wells out of the rear compartment and covered with some sweet flare action outside. The floor was removed and replaced with marine-grade plywood and an E-track tie-down system for securing the vehicles.

What stayed

An Oldsmobile 455ci V8 powers the Motorhome. This is the same engine that is found in the contemporary Olds Toronado. The engine is mated to a Turbo-Hydramatic 425 transmission. Both factory brown velour driver’s and front passenger’s seats have also stayed in place. There is some of the original carpet on the walls near the forward part of the cabin. One of the original upper cabinets still hangs above the vehicle area, possibly to hold the tie-down straps.

1975 gmc stealth car hauler

Load them up

The rear loading area measures 210″ long by 78″ wide between the wheel wells and is 75″ tall through the back door. A 2020 Kia Telluride would fit in the rear vehicle area. The Kia’s 78″ width number is the only one that is stressing the interior dimensions. However, the internal dimensions are close to fitting two 2016 Smart Fortwo’s nose to tail. They are 212″ total in length.

The best RV

I have always enjoyed this vintage of GMC Motorhomes. Mainly because of watching Stripes, but I also thought they had a great look to them while still being a reasonable length.

Therefore I would 100% be getting estimates for what it would take to paint it the same as the EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle in Stripes. I hope someone else gets a great deal on this 1975 GMC. Moreover, has anyone seen an update from Speedycop and his GMC RV?