We recently reviewed the all-new Honda Civic Si, and it seems like a fun machine especially at its $24k-$25k price point. There’s a hotter Civic just over the horizon, and it should prove to be a potent performer. In fact, it recently sat the Nürburgring on fire when it laid down the fastest lap for a front-driver production car. Will it too represent a good deal in the performance car space?
If the window sticker photo nabbed by CivicX.com is any indication, that could be a pretty strong yes. You can see the picture for yourself by clicking that link, but what you’ll find is an MSRP of $33,900. Add in Destination and Handling (that should be a band name, by the way) and you arrive at $34,775.
So we’re about to have a Honda Civic that is asking a little less than Volkswagen Golf R money yet also has 306 horsepower on tap. We’re going to have a Civic that wants less than Subaru WRX STI money and has around the same horsepower figure, but should weigh a bit less.
The Civic Type R should be a beastly front-driving machine. Is it priced right at $34k?
What say you…