While I want to consume as much automotive TV as possible, I can’t watch most of it. The Discovery Channel model of drama, shorten timelines, drama, builds that kind of run, and more drama is not a recipe for enjoyable viewing. No matter how interesting, exotic or badass the build is, if you’re yelling; I’m out.

Internet TV will save us

Other shows have been complex and time-consuming. Project Binky is an amazing build and one of the best shows on the Interwebs, but it also started in 2013 and isn’t near completion. That is not a criticism of the Bad Obsession Motorsport team, but a dig at our collective lack of patience these days. The BOM team must pay their bills first with customer work and then provides the free gift to the world that is Project Binky. Those guys are literally amazing.

But we need more automotive shows. Hoonigan has decided to fill a space in Internet automotive TV with their new show, Build & Battle. The geniuses at Hoonigan HQ have set up parameters for a Build between two teams and then they are going to Battle it out. $10,000 all in (including vehicle purchase price), 15 days from build start to battle finish, and they are using basic tools. It sounds like someone has applied logical thinking to what automotive enthusiasts will want to watch.

Off-Road War

Their first episode is a Jeep XJ vs Ford Explorer. The teams are captained by a couple of well-known faces from previous Hoonigan videos, Blake Wilkey & Mickael Cox. Here is Blake purchasing his XJ and Michael buying his Exploder.

Each team brings its own fabricator with them. In the 1st episode, the teams begin tearing down their vehicles and start building them into off-road warriors. Both teams take time to explain their reasoning why they are proceeding the way they are. They even discuss why and how they like to use different tools on the project.

Those moments will eventually fill the comment section with keyboard jockeys trolling how they’re doing it all wrong. To me, those moments are a breath of fresh air to hear a builder describing why they’ve decided to reinforce an axle or move a suspension point. We’ll have to wait and see how the rest of the series plays out. For now, I’m cautiously optimistic.

We do know that this is probably a reason why Scotto’s cars don’t run. The dude is literally always working on getting new content out into the world. So, what do you think? Will you tune in for more Build & Battle?