Incredible LEGO Technic MAN Bus

Based on the LEGO Movie, Master Builders are the amazing rouge creators that do not follow directions. Some of their creations are artsy, some fantasy, and others are just a hodgepodge of crap slapped together. In real life LEGO does have Master Builders who are responsible for the company’s huge display models. But outside the company are people like David Gustafsson from Sweden. The man has been building incredible things from LEGO for some time and this MAN articulated city bus is one of latest creations.  
While it looks like just scaled another model at first, it has some incredible details. The body is build out of typical LEGO bricks but underneath it’s all Technic. The 40-inch model is made out of 7381 pieces and weights nearly 12 pounds. The whole thing is made to 1:18 scale. 
The propulsion motor is placed behind the third axle, just like on the real thing, and it drives only the third axle, just like on the real thing. On the roof, where AC units are placed on a typical bus, are motors that control the doors. It has pneumatic suspension with a compressor, just like the real bus, which allows the front-end to kneel for easier passenger ingress, and shocks on all axles. Even the driver’s seat is suspended, just like on real buses. 
The crazy part is that this bus can be controlled from a smartphone. The bus goes forward and back, and steers. The doors and the air suspension are also operated from the phone app. And David is nice enough to provide 3D directions on how to make this. Good luck with that. 

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One response to “Incredible LEGO Technic MAN Bus”

  1. Rudy™ Avatar

    A friend of mine is one of the Master Builders. He has always enjoyed and collected LEGO, and since his retirement from the Navy, he is able to take on this “dream job.” I would point him to this project but I would guess (like with anything LEGO) he’s already seen it.