In The Lot At The Roar Before The 24


So this past weekend this olelongrooffan was up in the World Center of Racing to attend the Roar Before The 24. This is the practice session for the newly formed TUDOR race car series prior to the Rolex 24 Hour of Daytona. And, as has been mentioned many times by many of my fellow Hoons, at events such as this, sometimes the coolest cars are in the lot. This day was no exception. Go ahead and make the jump to see what I spotted that day.


I spotted a guy grabbing a cold pop out of the side door of this Westfalia and had to ask if it was a Zyncro? He laughed and said, “I wish. No, I just have big tires on it to make it easier to drive on the beach.” This olelongrooffan had completely forgotten about having the ability to drive on the Atlantic Beaches in coastal Volusia County, Florida. Then I remembered the day I got my olestationbus stuck down on that very same beach. My 13″ tires paled in comparison to the shoes on this Westie.


On the side window of some unnoticed and unremembered edition of a new Mustang were these decals of some racetracks. This olelongrooffan recognizes the center one as being my home track. I am confident my fellow Hoons will recognize the other two.


When I first arrived at my home track, I spotted this red ZO6. As my Rolex24 buddy RJ owns one just like it, I asks the guy hovering around it if he knew the owner. “Does it belong to RJ?” No its mine. I told him that a buddy owned one in the same color. He laughed and mentioned there are a lot of red ones around and we parted ways


Squeezed in between two huge SUVs was this sweet whale tale Carrera.


Over yonder was this fairly worn E30 ragtop. This olelongrooffan was once the proud owner of three of them at different times in my life and I would certainly not mind having another. Just not this one. I know how much those worn components cost and I didn’t even have to look under the hood to know refreshing this one would not be cheap. It did have a five speed though.


I didn’t know Isuzu still offered anything here in the States, much less a rebadged GM product. It was possessing Florida plates so I guess it could be pretty much from anywhere.


And a Kentucky Blue BRZ next to a lime green Fiat 500.


Just around the corner was this near mint 320i. When I was a teenager, one of my older sisters owned one of these but in a cool shade of blue. And I got to Hoon it around. Alot.



This was the first time I had ever noticed a fixed wing such as this on the rear of a Porsche. Whale tails and retractable wings yes but this one never.


I have seen these Sambas at nearly every sports car related events out at the track. The owners were standing nearby and, as I had noticed Brumos Porsche was not at this event, I asked them if Brumos was racing this season. One of them said no and went on to say Brumos wasn’t happy with some of the rules of this combined sports car series and was retiring from racing. Hopefully not forever, there is a lot of history with that team.


And how can you not appreciate a vintage Alfa?


Even Aztec owners love them some sports car racing action. Actually in these shade of gray, it didn’t look as garish and some two tones I have seen around.


Even the owner of this 57 Ford Fairlane restomod showed up to enjoy the on track action.



Over in the Porsche Club of America, this olelongrooffan is confident there were some pretty desirable modern cars there. But it was this vintage 914 that caught my eye. And it is in a shade a certain group over in that book about my face would appreciate.


And know this my fellow Hoons, when this olelongrooffan spotted this ole 505 longroof, I knew my day was now nearly complete.


Then when I went out front and saw the element of rust evident on this supposed daily driver, this olelongrooffan decided to call it a day and head on back to FantasyLand and return to reality.

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