The morning was cool, dry. People milled about; steam rolled off uncovered coffee cups. And then, from afar, a bird-scattering noise. The indiscernible bellow of an exhaust. Echoing off the trees. Forcing eyes and ears to turn. Commanding attention and alerting all present to the serious caliber of machine being driven in.

In the middle of a quaint Connecticut town, this early on a Sunday, it could only be one thing: the season ender of New Canaan’s Caffeine and Carburetors events.

What was the roar? A retired Lamborghini ALMS car? A straight-piped GT3? An Alfa rally car? Or maybe it was one of the other countless pieces of spectacular machinery present. It wasn’t; it was the Lambo. Desperately trying to keep it idling, the driver had to constantly rev the engine to keep it alive. Apologies were jokingly made, but nobody minded. The sound was beautiful.

The aurally loud was matched with the visually loud and the intrinsically interesting. Defenders, Porsches of every variety, Skylines, Mustangs, Corvettes, Lotuses (Loti?), BMWs to tickle every fancy, Dinos (yes, plural), NSXs, Supras, Audis, Land Cruisers, and so on. Something for everybody, as they say.

This was my first time attending the Waveny Park showing of Caffeine and Carburetors. It was completely unlike the show’s downtown hosting. The donated park now stands on the National Register of Historic Places, and for good reason. It’s an amazing landscape with a castle-like house as its main focus. It feels decisively Connecticut, which made the attending race cars and loud street cars all that more out of place. But the castle and grounds provide an excellent backdrop for what is an excellent car show. It’s a special venue for a special season-ending event.

Without me rambling any further, here’s what I saw in the order I saw it. Or at least in which it was uploaded, which as it turns out isn’t the order in which I saw it at all. Anyways, all photos were taken on my iPhone 8 and are unedited save for cropping and maybe an iPhotos Auto Enhance effect when the original was completely washed out. Without further ado….