1. As a roller coaster enthusiast, I can tell you that records are easy to come by. When Millennium Force opened in 2000 it broke 12 records. Several of which I had never heard of before such as steepest non-inversion banked turn on a roller coaster (122°) (Half Corkscrew).
      Based on that I could probably come up with a few myself here.
      First vehicle accident to launch debris more than 20ft.
      First triple debris flip.
      Steepest angle of ascent of debris in a motor vehicle accident.
      Steepest angle of descent of debris in a motor vehicle accident.
      Most simultaneous “Holy Sh*t look at that” from a collective audience.
      That could go on.

  1. Heard earlier from the shop: “Aeordynama-what? Shiiiat, we don’t need none that! Inter-lokin fasteners, what in tarnation?? Hold my beer ……”

  2. Idiots. 100 pieces in the air, one on the ground, and which one is the parachute connected too? This isn’t rocket science guys….
    Wait, crap…. nevermind.

  3. Halfway down the track Smitty realized that although the zipties were stock on his Lexus, a performance vehicle, they must not be rated for FunnyCar racing.

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