Impulse Buy: An Italvolanti steering wheel for my Montero?

I know nothing about this company. But scanning around the Internet leads me to find many photos of Italvolanti steering wheels stuffed in Volkswagen GTIs, 90’s-era BMW products, Benzes, and yes, Mitsubishis. So I wanted to find out more but that’s when I found one in excellent shape for sale. There’s nothing wrong with the steering wheel in my Montero, but if I have a chance at a cool period-correct upgrade why not go for it right?

italvolanti steering wheel in a montero

I’ve been searching to find more about this company but I’ve had little luck. There’s a thread on VW Vortex with people talking a bit about the company but mostly just showing their own examples. Any other search results lead me to listings for examples for sale. The term “Italvolanti” doesn’t even return a result in a Wikipedia search.

The standard steering wheel, the center looks wonky because I just pulled the horn cover

What have I purchased? Does anyone out there know more about this brand? The steering wheel feels well made and the leatherwork looks nice. It’s probably too dark a tone for my otherwise lighter tan interior but I’m going to run it for a bit regardless. Well, I will once the adapter I tracked down arrives from an eBay seller in the UK. I’ll post an update once it’s installed.

italvolanti steering wheel in a montero

Also to be installed? A new exhaust system ahead of my first trip to a local smog station in quite a few years.


  1. The reason I found this wheel is because I was searching to see what sort of Pajero Evo parts are out there. I stumbled upon this wheel for sale. Mine was considerably less than the asking price of the one in that link.

  2. How much will the whole thing cost? I spent way too much on a recovered wheel for my e61, and am about to do the same on the e91, as I don’t regret it. You’re in constant contact with the steering wheel, or at least you should be, so imo, it’s not a place to be stingy.

    1. Wheel, with shipping, was $400. Hub is like another 60-70… which is kind of a kick in the dick.

  3. This will not help but I had an Italvolanti sticker that I got from the Miami Auto Show in the early 80s. Beautiful wheel and much better than most aftermarket wheels sold today.

  4. Nice! But:

    And so it begins:

    1. “My [Mitsubishi Montero] is perfect just as it sits. I’m gonna just drive it and enjoy it and not spend a bunch of money
    2. All I need is some good tires.
    3. And maybe some rock in’ wheels
    4. And a cool steering wheel
    5. And some new tunes cus I can’t stream
    6. And a cold air intake

    100. “Yeah totally customized; you won’t find another one like it on the planet…

    -ask the man who’s been there.

    I suspect there are several right here.

    NB: MDHarrell starts out at “there’s not another on like it on the planet and works backwards…

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