If You're Not Attracted to this Alfa, There's Probably Something Wrong with You

alfa gtv for saleIf you’re reading this, something may well already be wrong with you, but that’s the right kind of wrong. Failure to recognize the attractiveness of this fine piece of Italian engineering is a definite sign of the wrong kind of wrong. Up for auction is a 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000, complete with Alfa’s SPICA fuel injection system. It’s an original California car, with a near-impeccable interior. The paint is a new post-sandblast professional job. The hue is…complemented nicely by the black wheels. alfa gtv for salePersonally, it wasn’t until late in my gearhead years that I was made aware of this generation of Alfas. For years, all I knew of were the Graduate-type Spyders, which do nothing for me. But the clean, slightly muscular curves of the Giulia…they blind me to the inevitable headaches associated with ownership of a vehicle assembled in the spare time between wine breaks and labor strikes. alfa gtv for saleThe seller’s actually listing it for a friend, and the listing spelling and grammar hurt my brain. Hopefully it’s just because this guy’s spent his whole adult life spinning wrenches and not writing blog entries. It’s at $15k with an unmet reserve and three days to go. alfa gtv for sale Hat tip to DamnElantra!

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