If You Liked It Then You Should've Put a Turbo On It – 1985 Lada 1200

There are a few things about the original Lada that need a bit of improvement. They rust easily and the initial build quality could be better. But I’d like to meet the guy who took a look at one, scratched his chin and wondered if they should’ve come off the factory line with a stonking turbo – since that’s what this ’85 Lada 1200 has received, along with a host of other modifications that aren’t strictly factory.

The best bit? It’s all road legal.

Originally, the car had a 1200 base engine but that’s been scrapped and replaced with a 1300cc unit. That engine has been fitted with a turbo from a Nissan Skyline, an intercooler and a Megasquirt system to make it all, you know, work. With 0.5 bar the power output is something to the tune of 120 hp. The drivetrain benefits from a sintered clutch and a stiffer pressure plate, while the engine bay suffers from an arm’s length of metal having been sawzalled off the front beam to make the piping fit.

The car has Mercedes springs up front and ’90s Toyota Carina E springs in the back and the steering column has been modified and lengthened. Inside, there’s a bucket seat with Sabelt belts for the driver and a Nissan 200SX seat for the co-driver. The door cards also seem to be made out of sheetmetal, and there’s a sizeable Auto Meter rev gauge as the ordinary Lada instrumentation is kind of lacking in that department.

And as for the red button next to the ignition lock, that could very well be a start button, a kill switch or something that engages the smokescreen. Or then it could make the Inception sound for all I know.

Outside, there’s a full Lada VFTS bodykit and the notion that it’s “Repainted. Done with a roller, so it’s about as good as a roller paintjob can be.” Rockers have been replaced and the wheel housings have been re-welded, so the car’s most likely not too rotten. I also like the bumper-replacing bullbar lite, that somehow resembles something of a shopping car handle.

And yeah, it’s been successfully inspected as road legal with this setup, but with 0.25 bar in the turbo and 20% power increase. I think the guy’s cranked the power back to 11 just as soon as he’s gotten back from the inspection station validation, that’s the information in this nation. Wonder how much more power you can get out of it within reasonable tinkering?

So, all this good time is to be had for only 2000 EUR of your initial outlay. Like you, I keep throwing money at the screen but nothing’s happening.

Link to ad (mostly in Finnish)

[Source: Nettiauto.com]

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