Yesterday afternoon, Orange County public health officials issued an order that sounded an awful lot like a decree to shelter in place. Now that’s being walked back to say the language was a bit too aggressive. But it got me thinking about the current situation and the best ways to handle it. I have lots of distractions here at home, but what if I were a road warrior. Not the Road Warrior but a person who preferred to spend their life out away from the rest of us. What vehicle would best work for someone should a shelter in place order come down?

Since I’m sort of daydreaming here, I’d like to imagine I had the funds to afford an EarthRoamer. These are insanely overbuilt rigs that can go anywhere and keep you on the road as long as necessary. Your shelter in place could be a roving one. The cost, as you can likely guess, is … immense. An EarthRoamer LTi like the one pictured above costs around $500,000. The wild HD will run you over a million bucks. These are the hypercars of the overland set.

Something more realistic would be a truck like Zach Bowman built. He spent nearly a year on the road in his Ram truck with its in-bed living quarters. That’s quite a bit more feasible for my above imagined scenario. Going down even further in price though, I could toss a tent, sleeping bags, a fridge, solar power, upgraded batteries, and a few other things into the back of my Montero and we’d be alright.

What would you want to live out of if you had to shelter in place? (And didn’t have a house, or wanted to roam your shelter around the country…)