I would daily drive the shit out of this…1970 Mercury Montego Edition

While everyone at Bring-A-Trailer is arguing about obscure blinker light location in a post about an auction for some old Porsche I don’t care about, I find myself drooling over this heap of crap. What you’re looking at is a 1970 Mercury Montego and it was thoroughly tarted up to serve as a promotional vehicle for former NASCAR driver David Pearson.
The 1960 Rookie of the Year, Pearson drove for Holman-Moody for a handful of seasons when NASCAR was the Grand National Series. This Montego was built by a Virginian car dealer where it roamed East Coast NASCAR races and probably looked a lot prettier back in its heyday.
But today could once again be its heyday.
There’s no reserve posted for the listing, which means you could potentially scoop this one up on the cheap. Under the hood is a 351 that shows just 50,919 miles of wear. You also have A/C, power steering, and some spare parts as well. The interior will need a bit of love, but the outside is perfect. Especially because it would likely offend everyone on the highways of California as I rolled on past.
This one won’t do well on BAT. It’s not the place to sell a car like this, unless the seller just wants its out of their site. One of you should step in and grab this one, and be the hero this website deserves.
[Source: Bring-A-Trailer]


  1. Wow. Several thoughts…
    1. Imagine how much of your life will be taken explaining it to people (have a FAQ sheet in the windows!)
    2. Do BaTers still do “Bring a Clearcoat”?
    3. Maybe also bring a big HP stroker?
    4. Any guesses what it will go for? I wouldn’t be surprised to see $20k, depending on how many Pearson/Wood Bros fans are in the house.

  2. The BaT peanut gallery will have a ball with this one, I’m sure. There are some knowledgeable posters on there, but lots of car-snob trolls and armchair know-it-alls. It’s a great site to see some unusual auctions, though.
    This is a cool car and I’m a big Mercury fan, but I’m not into the NASCAR thing. Besides, I have three Mercs in storage that need my attention already, so I have no business checking BaT like I do. But, I do.

  3. This is a great hobby. What Glucker salivates for, I am repulsed by. He would possibly HATE what I choose to drive. Lots of room in the hobby for both of us…and even coal rolling bros and the lowrider cholos. We all love cars!

    1. Doubtful… the only stuff I don’t really get is hardcore Stance nation stuff. I’m down with almost everything else.
      I love lowriders.

      1. I like the old Mercury too…kinda. But I just can’t stand driving tattered cars…I like neat and clean. That Cleveland engine however…yes please!

        1. Funny, I don’t usually go for “awesome” cars, preferring understated performance instead. But I do love me some torn seats and worn-through, rusty patina.

        2. I’m kinda on your side of the fence here, while that and other beat up looking cars can look cool, when you live in a really, really damp climate where you can almost see bodywork dissolving in front of your eyes and keeping an old car is a constant battle against entropy, so called “patina” actually just looks like a headache and rust is just a cancer that needs to be cut out as soon as possible.
          Doesn’t have to be a super nice paint job, even primer that doesn’t absorb water is find, but exposed metal like that makes me twitch.

      2. Yeah, I know you’re not supposed to “hate” on stuff, but damnit, someone taking a real drivers car like an RX7, NSX or WRX and compromising the entire reason the car exists so it looks good “hard parked” drives me nuts.

  4. This is exactly the kind of car that deserves a home sharing parking space with Continentals, Q7s and 911s underneath an upscale condominium, causing structural damage every time it explodes into life.

    1. I’d fix the seats and dash, including getting rid of the “period” stickers on the dash.

      1. Yeah, the seat is going to need new vinyl. Is the center of the Grille supposed to be like that?

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