I Wonder If It Comes With Spritle And Chim-Chim In The Trunk?

Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, Go! Now’s your opportunity to go like Speed in your very own Mach Five. This C4 Corvette-based custom has the look, but it’s doubtful it has all of Pops’ wonderful toys. But at $32,000 you might have enough left over to add those grille-mounted circular saws.

Offered by a San Fernando Valley (of course) dealer, this looks to be street legal until you get a gander at the headlight spread and realize the reason Speed never realized Racer X was his brother was because he couldn’t make him out in the dark! While the nose and those lights work to make this Mach Five tribute look modern even today, the round tail lamps and finicky fins out back look vintage ’60s anime. There’s also no trunk lid so if Speed’s little brother and chimp friend are in there, they’ve certainly suffocated by now. The interior lacks Speed’s steering wheel hub buttons for his various life-saving accessories (my favorite- the catapult legs), but the Vette dash and seats are sufficiently swoopy that you might not mind that little lapse of authenticity. I you happen to be a fan, or a jonesing for what to arrive in at the next Comic Com, then you might want to make your way over to Woodland Hills Quality Motors to check this out. Who knows, you might just run into Trixie there. LA Craigslist.

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