As an automotive idiot, I like things that are different from the vehicular norm. Take, for example, the truck listed for sale above. It’s a 2011 Ford Raptor. No, it’s not being sold for $390,000… that’s the price in Mexican pesos. It translates to a bit over $20,000, which isn’t bad for a truck with nearly 38,000 miles on it.
Granted, those could be rough and tumble Raptor miles but still… I’m now interested.
Why? Because in the Mexican market, the Ford F-150 is called the Lobo. That translates to Wolf. Which means I’d have a Wolf Raptor… and that’s fucking awesome.
I’m not in the market for a Wolf Raptor at the moment, but now I can’t stop looking them up on Mexican automotive For Sale sites. How awesome would the drive home be if you were to purchase this thing? It would pretty much be a requirement to take a route up the Baja peninsula.
Also, I happen to be going to Mexico this very weekend…
[Source: Auto.Mercado.Libre]