The chances are good that you have a plethora of automotive inspired clothing sitting in your closet right now. it shows off some sort of brand loyalty or cheeky humor. While this is fun for some, a more subtle approach is necessary for others. Lets face it; some of us car fanatics out there don’t have the strongest fashion sense, your author included.
But that shouldn’t stop you from wearing something fashionable and displaying a few interesting nods to automobilia. From attending your local car show, to going out to dinner with friends or braving through a work meeting, showing off some area of car fashion doesn’t need to be so in your face.

This is where Striipe Design comes in. With a focus on a German automotive inspiration their offerings are both very interesting to look at and amazing to feel. From Porsche to VW as well as a Pirelli CN36 tire tread pattern these socks show off a level of car nerd that is certain to elevate your sock game to the next level.
Personally, I have really enjoyed the darker colored houndstooth offerings, the Martini set, and the MK1 GTI pattern. My feet have had the honor of wearing the brown houndstooth and I must say the quality is top notch and feel exceptionally comfortable.

Eric Horton of the San Francisco Bay Area founded Striipe Design. I originally met Eric on the 2017 Driving While Awesome Coastal Range Rally. He showed up with a 718 Cayman he picked up on Turo for the first section of the rally and switched up to a Volvo 544 for the Southern California portion. I can attest to Eric’s design and car geekdom and fully support this new venture of his.
Full disclosure, Eric provided me a few pairs of Striipe Design socks for this review but I also intend on purchasing a few pair on my own because of how much I like them. For you dear readers and friends for a limited time you can get your own pair at a 20% discount. Head over to Striipe Design and use the promotional code FANDF20 at checkout to enjoy these socks on your own.