Tonight Tesla unveiled the pickup they had been promising and teasing for years. It was hilarious.

As I sat at my desk writing up this week’s news, I had Twitter open on another screen and watched everyone’s reactions pour in as the live stream unveiling began. At first the general reaction was disbelief, as if it was meant to be a joke and the real pickup was waiting in the shadows for the right moment to come out. Then the disbelief turned to comedy hour as the “real” Cybertruck never came. Turns out, the only jokes we were being treated to tonight were on Twitter. And on the stage.

And then, I’m afraid, I had an idea.

When writing the news I’ll occasionally whip out Microsoft Paint for a professionally terrible rendering of some future concept that I can’t find a real image to. Well, it just so happens that the Tesla Cybertruck looks exactly as if it were designed on MS Paint. So I designed it in MS Paint, busted side windows and all.

It has been on my Twitter for an hour as of writing and it’s already been viewed 40,000 times. I’ve never been more proud of a shitpost in my entire life. [Editor’s note: 20 hours later it’s now up to 265,000 views. What have I brought upon this cursed land.]

If you want more hot Cybertruck takes, the staff here at Hooniverse are chomping at the bit for their turn so expect more soon. It’s that bad, you guys.