How Do You Say Blown Intake Manifold Welds in German? Turbo 2002

1974 BMW 2002 turbo for sale1974 BMW 2002 turbo for sale
Luckily, there are no welds on this intake manifold. It’s cast aluminum from the factory. That’s right: factory. In case you didn’t know, in ’73 and ’74, BMW sold a turbocharged 2002. Packing 170hp in a fly-weight package sounds like quite the recipe for success.
This one claims the double-edged sword of low mileage: only got 66k miles, but it’s been sitting for the last 14 years. Assume every non-metallic component will need replacement or refreshing…except the dashboard, which is miraculously not cracked.
It’s sitting at $7,100 with the reserve not met and three days to go. Plenty of time over the weekend to get your finances out of order.

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  1. 900pilot Avatar

    I had no idea the 2002 Turbo was packing 170hp. That's more than a (much heavier) 900T. Sounds like fun!

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  3. lilwillie Avatar

    Must…..refrain….from bidding…..Oh that is a cool ass car.

    1. damnelantra™[!] Avatar
  4. fake Avatar

    Seller claims car is in CA. Car is in japan. Beware. Its the 2nd time on ebay. It swas sold and now for sale again

    1. Tim Odell Avatar
      Tim Odell

      There's a "Stop" sign in the background that looks very US to me.
      Unless it was shipped to Japan and the pics are old…?
      It's got a weird history regarding the frontend and the VIN…that I noticed.

  5. Benito Avatar

    This makes me smile real wide.

  6. dmilligan Avatar

    It sounds like a fun car when it's running, but sitting for 14 years means every piece of rubber on the car is now junk, and that ain't going to be cheap to replace, plus the labor, for starters. Then you get to start on what ever was wrong with the car that caused it to be parked for 14 years. And if it's from Japan on top of all that….yeesh. I wouldn't touch this one with an 11 foot rope.

  7. Pete Avatar

    It's said Geblasen saugrohr schweißnähte. Not that this would have them……..

    1. BЯдΖǐL-ЯЄРΘЯΤЄЯ Avatar

      That sounds as food to me: Schweinebein und sauerkraut

  8. dragon951 Avatar

    Good lookin' specimen? Yes. $7100? No dice. If it's some manner of non-registerable Japanese car, then I will buy it for $449.99. Well, as long as I can get some vacuum hoses for $50 I am good.

  9. rocketrodeo Avatar

    Really, only 170hp? Not much of a boost over a tii. My '72 2002tii was 150hp and plenty quick, when the FI was working properly. It got a Weber conversion shortly after I priced a replacement Kugelfischer mechanical injector pump: $3,200. In 1985.
    Once that was sorted out, my 2002 was possibly the easiest-to-work-on car that I've ever had. It went away for a brand-new 1987 Acura Integra, and honestly I don't regret letting it go. Great car, for the time. Times passed it by.

  10. Curt Avatar

    I remember having to hacksaw off the thermal reactor (the dealer returned the old part in a plastic bag) during regular maintenance on our 320i of roughly the same vintage. Money pit!
    I always thought BMWs from the 70's drove like a bus. I had to choose between the 320 and my '80 Scirocco S when we bought a brand new 1985 GLI (new kid) and didn't need three cars.
    I drove the Scirocco for 10 more years, and we had the Jetta for five.

  11. Lebron James Shoes Avatar

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  12. Karl Avatar

    Its your car for sale

  13. kosuke Avatar

    still for sale?