How Do You Say Blown Intake Manifold Welds in German? Turbo 2002

1974 BMW 2002 turbo for sale1974 BMW 2002 turbo for sale Luckily, there are no welds on this intake manifold. It’s cast aluminum from the factory. That’s right: factory. In case you didn’t know, in ’73 and ’74, BMW sold a turbocharged 2002. Packing 170hp in a fly-weight package sounds like quite the recipe for success. This one claims the double-edged sword of low mileage: only got 66k miles, but it’s been sitting for the last 14 years. Assume every non-metallic component will need replacement or refreshing…except the dashboard, which is miraculously not cracked. It’s sitting at $7,100 with the reserve not met and three days to go. Plenty of time over the weekend to get your finances out of order.

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