So, these newfangled hybrids are complicated right? How do you explain your fundamental design and mindset to your potential buyers? Well, if you are Toyota of Japan, the answer comes quickly and very simply down to two words. Anime Girls. Let’s talk more after the jump.
Alright. First things first, here is the website. Drink it in. Drink up all of that Japanese and see the literal definition of JDM. I say that, because there is no way in hell this would make any sense outside of Japan. But at the same time, I bet this campaign is far more fun than anything we will get for this car in the U.S. where this car will be about as exciting as toilet paper. So, points to Toyota to actually get me interested in something Prius related! And who knows, maybe we will see some of these lovely anime ladies Stateside?
PS: If you are a Japanese speaker, and would maybe want to translate some of this for us, I would be very grateful!