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House of Gucci trailer shows off some great vehicles

There’s a movie coming out soon about the House of Gucci. It’s called… House of Gucci. You may or may not care about the story, but judging by the trailer I just watched you will be interested in the vehicles on display. Also, the actors and director involved are pretty damn good so this could be a great film. Regardless, here’s a quick glimpse at the vehicles I noticed in the trailer.

The lead image shows an excellent silver Countach driven by Adam Driver’s character. The lower strakes and fender flares scream 25th Anniversary model to me, but I’m not fully up to speed on the different Countach models. Plus I can’t see a wing on the back of this one. Either way, it’s a perfect vehicle for this film.

House of Gucci Benz

Here’s a quick shot at a Heckflosse Benz, which is one of my favorite Mercedes shapes of all time. Who doesn’t love a good Fintail?

House of Gucci motorcycle

I cannot tell which model of motorcycle this is. I took to the Goggles to try and suss it out with the assumption that it’s some form of Ducati. But i cannot find anything that matches up with those side mirrors, windscreen, and lower ducts. To all our two-wheeled lovers, help us out on this one.

House of Gucci Porsche

The unrecognizable Jared Leto (Yes that’s really him above) hops out of a Porsche 968. I’m 90% that’s a 968 and not a 928 because I don’t see a rear bodyline just the curved glass. There’s a chance I’m wrong and I’ll reach out to Bradley Brownell for the correction. But it doesn’t matter because it has the oh-so-choice Pasha interior, which is what really kicks butt here.

House of Gucci alfa police car

Finally, take a gander at this very Italian cop car. It’s an Alfa Romeo 155 I believe.

Here’s the trailer, which actually has a few more vehicles to spot. I pulled these out because they jumped out to me. But I’d love to know what the long car is around the 1:23 mark when Pacino’s character is being arrested.

Take a look:

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13 responses to “House of Gucci trailer shows off some great vehicles”

  1. Maymar Avatar

    So, from what I can find, Pasha was only available on the 924, 928, and 911. Obviously that’s not a 911, and the 928 has the slanted edge to the top of the doors, rather than the more vertical rear edge in the movie car here. Plus, it looks like the more narrow-bodied 924, rather than the later 944/968 (and 924 would be potentially more period correct).

    Also, looks like Pacino was getting stuffed in the back of a Ford Fairmont (a tiny bit of the eggcrate grille is visible), and the rest of the trim/details seem to match up.

    1. John Avatar

      Obviously a 924

  2. Slow Joe Crow Avatar
    Slow Joe Crow

    I think your mystery motorcycle is an early Kawasaki Concours since the fairing, mirrors, windshield and paint match up. Ducati has never made anything with that much fairing and it a Moto Guzzi would have obvious cylinder heads. Also a BMW K100RT has a very different fairing shape.

    1. Batshitbox Avatar

      My first guess was Kawi Concours, not that I’ve seen too many of them. An image search shows those double lower air scoops are totally a Connie thing.

    2. Jim Avatar

      Can anyone tell me what kind of helmet was used in this scene? Adam on the red Kawasaki Concours?

  3. OA5599 Avatar

    I’m disappointed that I didn’t see any Gucci Sevilles, or especially Gucci AMC Hornets. I guess they didn’t want to give away all the best parts of the movie in the trailer.

  4. Salguod Avatar

    Definitely not a 928 by the quarter window. The 968 ddoesn’t seem to have the wide black drip rails and as Maymar said, this doesn’t seem to have the wide body.

    Also in the trailer, briefly in the beginning, a suicide door Lincoln Continental limo.

  5. James Avatar

    It must be a 924. The time period is way too early for a 968, and probably even for a 944. Plus there’s no spoiler, so not a 944. And the 928 doesn’t have the quarter window.

    Now will they give the 924 a V8 roar and have him peeling out all the time? Once Upon a Time In Hollywood had Brad Pitt tearing around in a 65hp Karmann Ghia like it was a Shelby, so anything’s possible.

  6.  Avatar

    It’s a 924

  7. Tom Avatar

    It’s a Porsche 924 with Pasha interior

  8. Mikkel Lund Avatar
    Mikkel Lund

    What about Aldo’s light blue Maserati at the factory visit – is it an Indy or a Ghibli?

  9. HLD Avatar

    Its gotta be a Ducati Passo

  10.  Avatar

    Kawasaki 1000 GTR