Hot Pocket – For Sale: 2001 Renault Clio RenaultSport V6

Let’s talk lunch. I’m often tempted to grab something spicy at noon time, perhaps a tortilla wrap or something other jalopeno-empowered. It’s a tricky bet, as if you overindulge in tex-mex it might be painful returning back to your office desk and sit the remainder if your day in relative comfort, let alone doing anything productive for a while. Throwing some spices into a snack-sized mix was also what Renault did with the Clio V6 – there’s something Clio-resembling in the wrap here, but the interior has had the ingredients arranged in a novel way as there is a Laguna-sourced 3.0 V6 sitting in the back seat, and kicking in the front seat under the front hood there’s not much at all.

But, it does look like somebody did overdo the jalapeno load on this wrap and the result got hotter than anticipated. That also explains why this naga-naga-not gonna work here anymore-jolokia has a low, low price tag of 3600 EUR.

Make the jump for more pics.

Yes, the V6 in this Clio got turned all the way to 666 and the business half of the Renault promptly vanished in a blast of hellfire. The French car in a Finnish-built body that’s been assembled in Sweden (can we blame them for the fire, pretty please?) has had everything that matters in it turn into a burnt lump, and all that resembles an ordinary Clio stay intact.

It also looks like the 41.000km car has been acquired from a salvage yard way down south and hauled north, perhaps as a project car hell basis; but for whatever reason (gee, I wonder) it hasn’t been realized yet and the car is being sold on. It also has no papers, which means it can’t/won’t be registered into road use again, and the seller is trusting the tagline “Starting point for a racer project”. I’d say it’s more like a finishing point, but to each their own.

The formerly-230hp L7X V6 has now taken an Alien embryo -like appearance.

So, is this affordable, rare Renault something you would take on, or would you rather not touch it with a four-feet fork? With project car purchases, it’s the same thing as with overly spicy food; it’s the day after that’s the worst…

[Image source: | Link to ad (partially in Finnish)]

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