Hoonobituary: The Classic Lada 2107 Riva


Nothing lasts forever even cold November rain, especially in the world of automobiles. The production of the classic Lada 2107/2105/2104, or Riva as it was called by some Capitalist pigs in other parts of the world, has stopped. To be more specific, only the production of the 2107, easily identified by its fancy big grill, has stopped. The 2105 has been out of production for some time and the 2104, which is the station wagon version, will be assembled until the end of the year. 

Introduced in 1980, based on the Fiat 125, which was a larger version of the 124, it has become one of the most iconic Russian cars of all time. Produced since the 1980 and powered by a variety of shitty engines, it went through its thirty-two year life cycle relatively unchanged, unlike the country where is was produced. 

Instead of going on about this Lada’s depressing history, which was pretty much summarized above, I choose to remember the classic Lada in pictures, after the jump. Let’s pour one out for Commie friend: often unreliable, mostly awful, frequently misunderstood, always charismatic. Rust in pieces old friend, but may you stay in our memory as another symbol of very important political and historical era. 

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