Hooniverse Weekend Update – The Low Mileage Buick Apollo has been Sold!

Welcome to another Hooniverse Weekend, and to start this weekends edition I want to share some news about a car I featured two-weeks ago. If you remember the Low Mileage Buick Apollo post, you may remember that this car was a clone to the Chevrolet Nova, and that the car only covered 8,600 miles during its lifetime. Well, the seller recently sent me an email about successfully selling the car, but you will have to make the jump to find out what happened…

This car was listed by the son of the original owner, and this is what he had to say in his email:

I saw the article you wrote about the 73 Buick Apollo, it was my father’s car and I just wanted to tell you thanks for the kind review you had on it and give you an update on what happened to it. We just sold it today to a guy in Massachusetts who bought it only for the body because it was solid and rust free with the intention of turning it into a race car. Even though it was all original and had 8,600 miles on it, it looks like it will be on a racetrack.

To tell you the truth, I’m not sure how I feel about this. It is a Nova Clone that has very little mileage, and it could have been a nice weekend driver for the casual collector. On the other hand, this car could have been the foundation for one Kickass custom that might have been the cover car for magazines like CarCraft, or Hot Rod. Yes I know it was basically an under appreciated car from the Malaise Era, but these cars should be somewhat preserved for future generations to discover.

Instead, it will be turned into some kind of a racecar, though I don’t know what kind. The Nova chassis can be turned into a track demon (Remember, the Camaro and Firebird are based off this chassis) so it would be great to keep the sheet metal looking like a Buick while mixing it up with Camaros, Firebirds, and Mustangs on the track. It might also be used as the building blocks for a great Drag Racer. With it’s rear wheel drive components, this could also be a great start for a vintage style Drift Car.

So while I’m feeling a little melancholy about a Malaise Era compact being turned into a racecar, why don’t you tell me what you think about turning this Buick of Novas into a racing machine, and what form of racing it could compete in.

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