Hooniverse Weekend Edition: What is it with lifted Sportscars in Massachusetts?

Being a native New Englander, I am never surprised by what comes out of the most uptight part of the country. Yes, I call this the land of the Cranky Yankee, yet there are some glimpses of people who have escaped the Hoon Asylum. Here are two examples that were found on Craigslist, thanks to a tip we received from Paul.

Here is the ad for the MG. It looks like it was built on a CJ3B. One has to ask if the Lucas Electrics have been replaced, along with all of the original drive train. The listing is still up, so click here.

I was a little late in capturing the other listing, but here is the one picture I managed to acquire before it expired. It’s a Porsche 944, and this was built on a CJ5 chassis. It wasn’t complete yet, so this should be a PCH for sure.

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  1. SeanKHotay Avatar


  2. Dr_Dangerously Avatar

    Dang, Sharon is a little bit to far to drive out. Otherwise I would go visit the MG up close and personal.

  3. CptSevere Avatar

    And I thought lifted Corvettes were tacky. Good lord, these two unfortunate individuals are pathetic. My guess is that since everything rusts into brown powder in New England, certain people feel the need to recycle the drivetrain after a Jeep decomposes and this is the result. Terrible.

  4. ladle666 Avatar

    this kinda thing seems to be pretty popular around indiana as well… used to see an MGA, MGB, and a few triumphs around the Lafayette area….. always made me sad b/c the bodies looked to be in excellent shape…. (which probably means that they're not running trails now that they've be put up so high….

  5. discontinuuity Avatar

    I think what you're dealing with here is a large concentration of rednecks. They can be found all over the country, even in Yankeedom.

    1. ladle666 Avatar

      yeah… this is true… that's why (at least one of the MGB bodies i used to see ended up on a CJ frame) some people do this…. but when my good mechanic friend drove me right by them, stranded on the side of a hill (about 250 ft. elevation change ) in his 2.5 RS coupe.. and the next day in the forester…. i certainly questioned their intelligence.. (not the first time i questioned it… probably the fifth or sixth…)

  6. KillerZomBee Avatar

    Back home in the Sierras this sort of thing used to be pretty popular. In the days before "everything old is an instant classic" they were just used cars, and the roads were so rough most cars wore out pretty quickly. The 4x4s meanwhile often rolled, crashed or hit a tree etc so you ended up with property full of worn out cars with good bodies, and good chassis with wrecked bodies.
    Good body, bad running gear, Good running gear, bad body… Hmmmm… it didn't take long to get creative. Anything with 4×4 was much more useful in the dirt mud and snow, and driving around downed trees is hard to do in a stock MG.
    To us, they were full sized Stompers. Hee-haaaw!

  7. bzr Avatar

    That's ONE way to deal with the snow.

  8. RetroRCR Avatar

    I used to think these were coool! When I was 10:)

  9. muthalovin Avatar

    I guess this will work if the whole post apocalypse taco truck thing doesn't.