Hooniverse Weekend Edition: What happened to Two-Tone Paint Schemes?

In keeping with my quest for a more colorful automotive landscape, I have always wondered why two-tone paint schemes have never returned. This would be a rather inexpensive way for the Automotive Manufactures to spruce up aging models, as well as produce something eye catching.

It seems that the two-tone color pallet is current entrenched with cars that reach the upper stratosphere as far as costs: Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, and Maybach, to name a few. However this always wasn’t the case. Of course the 50’s we saw the golden age of two-tones, with an occasional tri-tone offering.

The 60’s offered two-tone cars with the roof being the contrasting color, sometimes painted, but usually in a vinyl covering. The 70’s saw a resurgence in two tone paint schemes, with the car companies offering color instead of model year changes due to ever increasing safety, emission, and bumper standards.

In the 80’s there were more subdued two-tones, exemplified by Lexus. Offering a contrasting (or complimentary) tone along the lower body, it was a subtle two tone effect. Domestic truck makers offered a contrasting color along the lower body for a number of years, as did the truck based SUV’s.

My question to you is this: Would you ever choose a two-toned vehicle if you were ever given the choice? I say bring back the silver and black color scheme, two shades of blue, contrasting reds, even varying shades of gray for gods sake. Have your say now….

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