Hooniverse Weekend Edition: Unsafe at Any Speed? A Corvair No More!

This little gem is currently on Ebay, and was brought to my attention by Jen Dunnaway over at CarDomain.

The VW Vortex forum really likes to highlight the bizarre, the unusual, and the tasteless lurking within the Ebay Motors Auctions, but this thing is either hideous, or brilliat, depending on your point of view about Corvairs in general.

Take a look at the Ebay listing, or read what the VW Vortex members have to think about this.

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  1. muthalovin Avatar

    HOLY CRAP! Someone email this to Ralph Nader STAT!
    If I was in charge of this, I would have left the motor in the back. For fun. And way more wheelies.

  2. Maymar Avatar

    I know the swing axles and weight distribution made the Corvair a handful around corners, but this looks like it's got a switchblade waiting to cut you just for mentioning the word "corner.'
    Not that either's a bad thing, mind you.