Hooniverse Weekend Edition: Two Trucks offered on Craigslist… similarities end there.

What is it with Craigslist that makes everyone here at Hooniverse so damn crazy? Is it because there is just so much awesomeness contained on one site, or is it because we are drawn to the myriad of unwanted cars and trucks that makes us want to adopt each and every one. Here are two that tug on the want-o-meter.

First up is a tip we received from DamnElantra, about a DKW Camper. It seems to be Corvair Powered, yet it still doesn’t run! Here is the Listing in it’s entirety:

1959 DKW Camper RV RARE
Needs total restoration Not running has a 6 Cyl corvair Motor installed
Sold on bill of sale

Not much information, is there? Take a look at the listing here.

The second one is a 1963 Ford 600 High Cab Truck, and is a tip we received from Tanshanomi. It was once used as a towing and recovery vehicle, but with a bad engine, it’s not being used any longer. Seller wants to get rid of it, but wants to keep the bed. Here is this listing in its entirety:

Truck for sale only. Bed not for sale. Motor bad. No Title. Call XXX-XXX-XXXX. Thanks.

He really should sell the whole damn truck. Take a look at the listing here.

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