This olelongrooffan doesn’t often offer a suggestion to check out one blog over the other. There are a ton of great ones out there. But I do have this to say about that.
The Roadwork blog, as noted in the sidebar here in the Hooniverse, is definitely a must read. Excellent writing as well as thoughtful images. Make this a once a week read.
Imagine having the job of delivering somewhat rare and exotic cars throughout Merry Old England. Nissan 350Z’s and GT-Rs, BMW Z4M’s, Mercedes AMG63’s? Tame stuff for him. Plus, they are not the decontented US versions.
Yeah, I’d Do It.
Once you have finished here in the Hooniverse, and checked out that latest from those geeks over at Atomic Toasters (not really, they helped me identify an instrument from my Dad’s estate that is bringing in some serious bucks on ebay), check out the blog our fellow Hoon, RustMyEnemy, does.
I know you’ll enjoy the hell out of it. LRF.
And no, this is not the mutual admiration society gathering!