Hooniverse Weekend Edition: The Michigan Vintage Volkswagen Association's 2010 Gathering

Ahhh, this was buried deep within the bowels of my e-mail account, and it looks like once again, Mike The Dog has come through with some beautiful images. This event happened on May 23rd, so I say better late than never. More Images after the jump!

Highlights include this 1987 Vanagon Syncro that's for sale!

This marvelous 412 Sedan

The "Maxi Taxi" Kit Car

There were a shit ton of vans, including a rare high-top beer vending van

The most interesting vehicle there (in Mike's opinion) was a 1966 Single-Cab Transporter with a custom drop-in camper that was installed for the original owner in ~1968 by Perris Valley Campers in Perris, CA.

Since you have already wasted your Sunday looking at the other posts, why not save these until Monday?

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