Hooniverse Weekend Edition: The Mack Granite, and how to market an image.

Have you ever noticed that the car companies have lost the will to experiment in the marketing of their vehicles? Kia seems to be the only one who is willing to stand out with a distinctive message when it comes to peddling their wares, from the weird life-sized toys for the Sorrento SUV, to the Hamsters used for the latest Soul spots. On top of that, all of the car companies have trademarks that are both predictable and boring with a recurring “ovoid” theme. However, there is one company that has a recognizable trademark, has been around for over a century, and is still a recognized leader in trucks, Mack. Their trademark? The Mack Bulldog.

Which brings me to this truck you see here. It is a Mack Granite, powered by a Mack MP7 6 cylinder engine that produces 395 HP, but an astonishing 1,600 lb/ft of torque. This particular truck is equipped with an Allison Automatic, making this truck of trucks as easy to drive as your average full sized SUV.

The cab is both roomy, yet spartan. But remember this isn’t really about this truck, its about the marketing aspects of this truck. I took a shot of the door panel, and you will notice that the material has a pattern similar to Diamond Plate Aluminum, which reinforces the fact that you’re in a real truck. Notice the drivers seat… it has the same pattern.

But what really reinforced the whole Mack Bulldog Marketing theme was the floor-mat. Take a look for yourself… that is suppose to be paw prints! It is very fitting that a truck company that uses a bulldog as a mascot would have paw prints on the floor. And that hood ornament is on all Mack Trucks sold, including the ones supplied to UPS which refuses to let any manufacturer adorn their trucks with nameplates.

Now compare this marketing message to the new “Don’t call it a Chevy” Chevrolet ad campaign.

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