Hooniverse Weekend Edition: The Lotus Evora Edition

I have mentioned in a couple earlier posts that I generally am able to recognize a rare car and usually grab some images of it. One time, however, this olelongrooffan made the mistake of getting some images of a Lotus Elise and did not recognize the then new Lotus Evora parked right next to it until I blogged that image and one of the commenters on that post complained. Well, my fellow Hoons, at this show I did not pass this Evora by.

I’m just curious, does Lotus have a penchant for alliteration? Elise, Eleven, Evora everyone?

Actually this is not a bad looking automobile. I love the smile in the front fascia. It’s alot bigger than the Elise just about the size of the Aston Martin Vantage parked adjacent.

I would love to know the thoughts that are going through that kid’s mind as he walked by this sleek machine; Grandma’s also.

The interior appears to be well laid out with actual gauges as opposed to digital read outs. It seems quite spacious

until this olelongrooffan took a look out back.

And it’s got a nice ass on it also. As I opened the driver’s door to capture the image of the rear seat, a sales dude came over and hovered about. I struck up a conversation with him about the car. He mentioned it is a daily driver whereas, as he pointed to the Elise, that one isn’t. I asked him what was the sticker on it. $85,000 but you can pick this up for around $70 as it is a 2010 and the 2011’s are due soon. Nah, the roof is to short for this olelongrooffan. For that kind of money, I’d rather have this one and tow this.

I asked the sales dude to pop the trunk so I could see the motor and this is what I saw. Yes, this olelongrooffan is a dumbass. I am not used to all the engine cladding a mechanic needs to remove just to get to the motor to do a little wrenching these days.

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  1. Maxichamp Avatar

    Here is Nick Heidfeld's company Evora in Malaysia.

  2. JayP Avatar

    What wrenching to do? It's a Toyota V6- they last forever right?
    Speedmakers on SpeedTV did an interesting show on how the Evora is built.

  3. cstefanic Avatar

    The true question of this is: who gets to throw the first punch on the individual that put gold rims on a yellow Aston?

  4. Smells_Homeless Avatar

    I gotta say, Lotus may have taken a bunch of hits from purists about the fattening of the brand, the the Evora punches my "want" button like Ali.