Hooniverse Weekend Edition – Some of the vehicles scheduled for this Wednesday going up for sale at Barrett Jackson

Continuing on with the Barrett Jackson Love Fest, scheduled for next week in Scottsdale, I thought I would look at the offerings scheduled for Wednesday. While a bit better than Tuesday, its still a long way from being absolutely top shelf material.

The first lot offered has already been covered by another blog, but I can’t ignore it because of that. It is a hideous 1995 Cadillac inspired Golf Cart. This is one of 150 custom made Cadillac golf carts built by GM, designed especially for selected Cadillac dealerships. This golf cart is completely customized with a Cadillac body, wheels, front grille and emblems. Designed for 4 passengers, this golf cart is fully equipped with head and taillights, blinkers, fan, built in cooler and stereo system.

However, the last lot for Wednesday is actually quite desirable, as it’s a 1958 Buick Caballero Station Wagon, with a 300 HP V-8, and the Buick Dynaflo Automatic. The Caballero was only produced for 1957 and 1958, and is a true Pillar-Less Hardtop Wagon. This is finished in Coral Reef, and has undergone a rather expensive restoration.

There is something for everyone on Wednesday, including Top Gear fans. Here is a 1963 Peel P50 Replica, just like the one made famous by Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear. This is sold with a rather unusual accessory, a Czech built PAV single wheel trailer. This could go for big money, as the Peel replica was built in 2009 by Andy Carter’s Modern Microcars UK. This lot will bear monitoring…

Crave something French? what about this 1957 Panhard Dyna Z, with a 50bhp 2 cylinder engine providing power. It was constructed of aluminum and having a total weight of 1,630lbs, it is lighter than a VW of the time. This is a chance of owning a rather unique French car that is not a Renault, Citroen, or Peugeot.

How about a Truck/Tractor pair. This is a 1948 Diamond T Truck, that has received a total nut and bolt restoration, with the Original Hercules flathead 6 cylinder engine and 4-speed transmission. All new oak bed and stake sides, dual crank out windshield and all new chrome compliments this restoration. In the bed is a 1948 Farmall Cub Tractor that has also been lovingly restored. They are sold as a pair!

All is not honey and roses as far as the Wednesday edition of BJ goes. GM continues to throw out its trash, with three lots that are questionable, or downright bargains, depending on your viewpoint. There is a 2007 GMC Sierra Crew Cab Pickup that was used as one of the Grand American Road Racing Pace Cars featured at a limited number of races during the 2007 season. Then there is a 2007 Pontiac G6 Rolex Pace Car, also part of the Grand American Road Racing Series. How about a 2008 Pontiac G8 Rolex Pace Car, with all the graphics, strobe lighting, and other equipment still in the vehicle? All of these vehicles are sold with a Scrap Title….. makes you wonder how you can legally run them on the road.
Thursday’s Listings will be up next…. See the Wednesday Lots here.

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  1. alainrobertwilliams Avatar

    ooo i want that G8, hope its a GXP, get rid of the vinyl and lights, and pray to god its a stick. i can tolerate it if its a g8 gt auto though. looks to be that metallic orange that look nice on the g8s, i'd love one in blue red, or black to match my gto

    1. longrooffan Avatar

      If I remember correctly, both the G6 and the G8 were equipped with only two pedals. As a matter of fact the first pace car I have seen with three, in quite some time, was the 2009 Daytona 500 Camaro Pace Car.

      1. alain Avatar

        yeah, looking at the listing, its a g8 gt, too bad.. those are pretty common (think i've seen more gts than v6s, and remember hearing it wasnt a big price differential between the gt and slow v6), and i'm sure its not hard to fit a t-56 in them like the gxp. i wish they were more widely available with a manny tranny and not just in the gxp. i'll cherish my gto for as long as i have it. aussie-gms FTW

        1. alain Avatar

          barrett jackson link.
          interesting, someone took an ls1, an awd 4 speed auto, and put it in a 98 gran prix coupe! sleeper! except for that ugly hood.
          <img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v379/RareGMFan/TGP/G8_10.jpg"&gt;

  2. alain Avatar

    and an offtopic question, i just made an account at intense debate and was wondering if i could link my older comments (not many) from the new gto article from not too long ago, and my post today. thanks!

    1. longrooffan Avatar

      From what I can ascertain, you can only link the post on which the comment was submitted, not the actual comment itself. And welcome…

  3. Tomsk Avatar

    That Panhard is sweet. Kinda looks like a miniature Kaiser.

    1. scroggzilla Avatar

      Or a mini 1950 Ford Custom

  4. Red Delta Avatar
    Red Delta

    Purchase G6. Play Far East Movement's over and over agan. Pretend you are cool.

    1. alain Avatar

      haha my gf used to sing along to that song on the radio when it would come on, then i would start to sing it every time i saw a g6 and told her does she want to be fly like that?

  5. rovingardener Avatar

    I'm liking the Buick Canyonero. Lotsa CHROAM to polish.